AFC Monthly Draw


Every month, we draw the winner of the Monthly Draw, which gives you a chance of winning some excellent prizes. 

Basic rules

  • Each entry costs £5 per month which can be paid at any time during the month by standing order. There is no limit to the number of entries any one person can have in the draw.
  • Current monthly prizes (2018) are £500 first prize, £75 second prize, £25 third prize. The fourth prize is a free hospitality package in the Manchester Glass Sponsors' Lounge. The fifth and sixth prizes are a replica AFC shirt and polo short respectively. Prizes subject to variation.
  • All proceeds go to Altrincham Football Club.
  • Draw to be made every month with one entry for every £5 contribution that has been made in the previous month.
  • The draw will take place each month at a function, or match. If neither is possible, it will be performed at the earliest convenience by the club.
  • A list of the entries will be published on the website and when possible in the programme.
  • How to enter

  • Print off and complete the standing order form and the entry form details below and take the standing order form to your bank.
  • Please send the completed entry form details below to Altrincham Football Club, Moss Lane, Altrincham WA15 8AP.
  • Entry form

    Please enter me in the Altrincham Football Club Monthly Draw.

    I wish to purchase ..... entries, and have sent a standing order request to my bank for £..... every month.



    E-Mail address:

    Telephone Number:

    For further enquiries on the Monthly Draw, please call us on 0161 928 1045 or drop us an email.

    Here are some recent winners, and we will publish all upcoming draws right here:

    December 2018 Monthly Draw Winners

    AFC Polo Shirt: #309 R Cummack

    Replica AFC Shirt: #111 Stan Riley

    Hospitality Package: #93 Nigel Davis

    £25: #261 Pat Ball

    £75: #546 Jim Thompson

    £500: #14 Jonathan Moore

    November 2018 Monthly Draw Winners

    Alty Polo Shirt: #304 S Booth

    Replica AFC Shirt: #449 P Gibbon

    Hospitality Package: #188 D Clarke

    £25: #181 G Bowen

    £75: #452 Paul Bingham

    £500: #309 R Cummack

    October 2018 Monthly Draw Winners

    AFC Polo Shirt: #173 John Henderson

    Replica AFC Shirt: #403 Matt Buchan

    Hospitality Package: #10 Steven Foster

    £25: #542 David Lewis

    £75: #87 Alexander Raynal

    £500: #260 Emma Ball

    September 2018 Monthly Draw Winners

    AFC Polo Shirt: #151 David Stonehewer

    Replica AFC Shirt: #529 Jean Ryan

    Hospitality Package: #33 Jean Muir

    £25: #48 Bryan Ford

    £75: #470 Paul Bannister

    £500: #138 Sally Graham

    August 2018 Monthly Draw Winners

    AFC Polo Shirt: #173 John Henderson

    Replica AFC Shirt: #234 Ruth Walker

    Hospitality Package: #90 Paul Salt

    £25: #343 Ian Richards

    £75: #469 Mrs Bannister

    £500: #446 P Marsland

    July 2018 Monthly Draw Winners

    AFC Polo Shirt: #516 Andy Richardson

    Replica AFC Shirt: #476 J Robertson

    Hospitality Package: #491 Mrs MacKenzie

    £25: #56 Linda Jackett

    £75: #229 Martin Hamnett

    £500: #42 Nigel Hennerley

    June 2018 Monthly Draw Winners

    AFC Polo Shirt: #292 Mike Flaherty

    Replica AFC Shirt: #348 Alison Butting

    Hospitality Package: #377 Dan Eadie

    £25: #380 F Robinson

    £75: #129 T Caine

    £500: #253 K Brocklehurst

    May 2018 Monthly Draw Winners

    AFC Polo Shirt: #166 Bob Large

    Replica AFC Shirt: #514 T Pendlebury

    Hospitality Package: #187 P Butterworth

    £25: #541 Katie Murray

    £75: #424 R Jervis

    £500: #355 Gill Holland

    The Monthly Draw is brought to you in association with partners SK Kits.