Following the news that John Laidlar will be stepping down this summer after more than 18 years of magnificent service to the Club and its followers, Altrincham FC are seeking to appoint a new Website Manager. The Role The Website Manager is a critical but voluntary role within the Football Club. You will have the key responsibility as the link between the Club and its audience. Our new website will be launched this summer, and you will play a vital role in the implementation of the club’s new digital strategy as part of this launch.

Essentials (Personal prerequisites)

  • To support Altrincham FC’s footballing activities and the Club’s wider community objectives
  • To be willing and available to liaise with Club officials on a daily basis; to retain confidences and to foster a positive view of the Football Club and its objectives
  • To possess and maintain a suitable PC, laptop or other appropriate device with which to effectively operate the website and to keep this in working order.
  • To liaise with all content providers and individuals who contribute to the website
  • To provide and use image manipulation software e.g. Photoshop, Photoscape as required.
  • To work together with the rest of the media team as part of an overall media engagement across all channels, traditional and digital
  • To play a pivotal role in the growth of digital media at the Club and the development of revenue streams from the website
  • To be able to write and edit coherent website content
  • To possess a sound knowledge of the history of Altrincham FC and to build a network of Altrincham FC Historians


  • To attend Club meetings and Club events and, as necessary, to report on them in a positive manner
  • To provide such website usage statistics as agreed with the Football Club
  • To provide images of matches and club events, using one’s own equipment, when Club photographers are unavailable
  • To possess a sound knowledge of current and historical non-League football, particularly in the North West of England
  • To contribute to the definition and evolution of the Football Club’s Digital Strategy.


  • To project Altrincham FC in a positive manner to supporters and the outside world through its official website
  • To liaise with the Club’s Board, employees, Press / Media Officers and Social Media team and to follow the club’s communication guidelines.
  • To scan other relevant websites and media to acquire news and information which informs the supporters of Altrincham FC of relevant news and developments
  • To cite the URL of all sources and respect their copyright
  • To update the Club website on as near a daily basis as possible; it is often necessary to update the site more than once in any 24-hour period as news emerges, cup draws are made, and the like.
  • To report any technical issues with the website on all formats (desktop and mobile) to your main point of contact.
  • To attend (or ensure we have a representative at) all first-team matches home and away and provide updates and timely post-match reports on the website. The Club will provide stadium access to away games but not travel costs.
  • To liaise with the Club’s photographers and videographers in making their images and video available via the website
  • To liaise with the Club shop website manager and promote its merchandise
  • To promote the Club’s fundraising and social activities
  • To liaise with the representatives of Altrincham FC Reserve, Ladies, Youth and other teams, in order to report on these teams activities so far as possible and in particular to maintain a current fixtures and results service for all these teams.
  • To regularly check all webpages on to ensure that information is accurate and up to date.

The website’s aims as published on the current site are as follows:

  1. To promote Altrincham Football Club
  2. To provide accurate, daily (or at least on 350 days in any 365) news relating to Altrincham FC and the league in which its representative teams play. Representative teams include the first team, ladies' team, reserves, youth team and junior teams.
  3. To ensure that all news is cited with its source and, where possible, a hyperlink to that source.
  4. To provide match reports on all first team games and wherever possible on reserves', ladies', youth and other games.
  5. To provide historical information and statistics relating to the club, including news of former players and officials.
  6. To provide information and news from other local football clubs and rivals.
  7. To provide ample illustrative material which, where it is not the copyright of this website itself, indicates clearly who is its creator.
  8. Not to reproduce illustrative material without prior permission of the copyright holder.
  9. To provide a site /archive of all material placed on the site.
  10. To respond to all e-mails (other than spam, abuse etc) within 48 hours (except when on holiday). Where appropriate, e-mails will be passed on to other club officials for a response (e.g. requests for player trials). Otherwise, e-mail addresses and personal information will not be passed to third parties.
  11. To allow other websites to use material from this site subject to the laws of copyright and with the proviso that the source "" is always quoted.
  12. The website does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of views reproduced in good faith from other sources, or for the content of adverts placed on the site as a requirement of the league[s] in which the club plays, nor does it accept liability for the consequences of any inaccuracies of content e.g. directions, kick off times etc.
  13. Where errors are made, these will be corrected promptly and, where appropriate, with an apology.

Application details:

Please submit your CV and cover letter to Director Bill Waterson by close of play on Friday, July 13th.