Frequently Asked Questions


1. Membership

1.1 What are the benefits of joining?

Joining the Business Club will offer you a networking experience like no other. You’ll be able to enjoy informative business sessions, entertaining talks from guest speakers and much more. Standard Membership includes guest speakers, networking sessions and advertising on the official club website.

Or how about premium membership for a package that gives you even more in return? You will receive all the benefits of standard membership, plus two season tickets to use as you please - perhaps shared among the workforce or as a reward for employee excellence - and two boardroom guest passes to mingle with Alty directors and those of the opposing team at a home fixture of your choice.

Standard is priced at £40p/m (+vat) and Premium at £60p/m (+vat)

1.2 How can I pay?

Monthly Direct Debit via GoCardless or Annual Payment to the Club directly.

Joining is easy and quick, as you are able to sign up using Monthly Direct Debit via GoCardless which allows us to collect monthly membership payments from you automatically. Or alternatively get in touch with the Club to pay annually.

1.3 Are all events covered as part of membership?

All monthly events are included in membership. There is a cost attached to various special in-person events such as Golf Days, special lunches & dinners etc.

1.4 Is membership for a company or an individual?

Membership is for the company, not an individual, meaning it is fully transferable and anyone can attend the events.

1.5 What if I cannot attend an event?

You are more than welcome & encouraged to send another representative from the company to attend (remember the membership is companywide) or even a client or connection so the place doesn’t go to waste! Attending regularly is one of our key tips when it comes to maximising a return on membership.

1.6 How do I maximise membership?

As part of the welcoming process of becoming a member, our team will arrange a strategic call with you to understand or define your networking objectives, learn about your company and get a picture of the types of businesses you are looking to meet. Throughout membership, our team will also be on hand to work with you, whether that’s from a marketing perspective or at events, as well as understanding how it is working for you and if there is any more you can get out of it.

2. In-Person Events

2.1 Why do you use the Stadium?

As well as being accessible, versatile and inspiring, The J.Davidson Stadium at Altrincham offers a unique and modern experience whether you are taking in the newly-renovated Sponsors Lounge or enjoying an event in the Community Sports Hall.

2.2 What kind of businesses and people attend?

Our events attract majority Director level and decision maker lever delegates, from businesses across a vast range of B2B sectors. The size of businesses are typically mid-large sized SME’s, but we have everything from a one-man band to blue chip corporates.

2.3 Can our company visit an event before becoming a member?

Of course, we welcome businesses to come along and try us out before making commitment to joining. This allows businesses to understand the types of businesses we attract, meet our team and understand how we work, to make an informed and educated decision regarding membership. To do so, contact the Commercial Team.

2.4 Do I have to work in sports or be a sports fan to attend or join?

No. Our groups are open to businesses from all sectors and sizes, for those looking to expand their network with businesses in various industries.

3. Online Meetups

3.1 When are the online meetups?

Our online schedule is planned well in advance and we’ll keep you well informed about upcoming meetups so you don’t miss out. You can check out and keep an eye on upcoming online events through the Alty Website Business Club page. We fully expect most of our events to be in-person but it may be necessary to revert to online on occasion.

3.2 Can I attend any online meetup as a member?

Yes, as many people from your company can attend any online meetup as part of your membership.

3.3 How far in advance do I have to book?

We ask that you book or confirm your place up to 24 hours before the event. This is so you receive the pre-event information email and event link.

3.4 What if I want to bring a colleague or friend?

You are welcome to book and pay for places additional places by getting in touch with the Commercial Team.

3.5 There’s a particular event I want to attend, can I just book that instead of joining as a member?

Certainly. All non-members are welcome to pay to attend individual events before committing to joining. You can do this by contacting the Commercial Team.

4. Digital App

4.1 How can I download and access the app?

You can download and access the Business Club app by searching “Alty Business Club” on the Apple, Google Play and/or Android stores. It should work on most mobile & tablet devices.

4.2 What can I do within the app?

Within the app you will be able to keep up to date with the latest news & information in relation to the Business Club. You can also sign up to events and you can direct message and network with other business club members.

More questions?! Reach out to us and fire them over!