Patrons Scheme


For the cost of £50, your name will appear throughout the coming season in the matchday programme and on the official club website as a Patron of Altrincham Football Club, as well as under the players' picture in the Manchester Glass Sponsors Lounge.

In addition, at the start of the season, every member will be entered into a prize draw, and this season we hope to award 10 hospitality packages for four supporters each to attend a nominated game as sponsors.

How to become a Patron

With the launch of Alty Direct, becoming a Patron couldn't be any easier. Simply click here to sign up.

Online payments can be made to the club’s bank account, as detailed below, with your name to be used as the reference. 

HSBC Altrincham 

Sort Code: 40-08-22

Account Number: 31298399

Name: Altrincham AFC Ltd

Alternatively, cash payments will be accepted at the club’s office at the ground during normal office hours.

If any further information is required, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

Thank you once again for your support – it’s very much appreciated.

And a big thank you to the following people who have already joined the Scheme for the forthcoming season to help boost Parky's playing budget.


1Neil Faulkner
2Hazel Faulkner
3Anthony Faulkner
4Darren Faulkner
5Richard Faulkner
6Miss Valerie Shaw
7Stuart Ritchie
8Nigel Lord
9Philip Bate
10Alan Ford
11Paul Spencer
12Peter Jackson
13Alison Kelly
14Ian Hudson
15Phil Green
16Andrew Timms
17Brian and Carole Eyres
18Doug Doherty
19Peter Hughes
20Rob Worrall
21Anita Mottershead
22Alan Blinkhorn
23Ian Gordon
24William Egan
25Bill Egan
26Paul Salt
27Geoffrey Price
28Phil Taylor
29In memory of Jacqui Forster
30Peter Baker
31Mark Alton
32Jeffrey Bradbury
33Gail Cooper
34Alan Cooper
35Thomas Murray
36Katie Murray
37Alan Murray
38Alasdair Costello
39Oscar Pennycook
40Andrew Pennycook
41Alison Pennycook
42Alan Pennycook
43May Davis
44Nigel Davis
45Martin Gillet
46Paul Daine
47Leslie Roberts
48David Kennerley
49Sean Cobbledick
50Roger Wade
51Gary Molyneux
52Stephen Taylor
53Joan Taylor
54Andrew Horner
55David Slack
56Phil James
58Gill James
57Edward Bishop
59Dennis Bate
60Eddie Drozdziak
61Mark Embury
62Geoffrey Wood
63Andrew Colbridge
64Darren Jordan
65Darren Jordan
66Richard Impey
67Frederick J Woodfield
68Cathal Morrison
69Kirstie Morrison
70Charlie Morrison
71Stephen Hazlehurst
72Julian Lillington
73Harold Smith
74Rob Esteva
75Iris Esteva
76Martha Esteva
77Mia Ellison
78Max Ellison
79Kath Esteva
80Gus Esteva
81Thomas Shaw
82Chris Morfitt
83Jon Rouse
84Alexander Wood
85David Meadows
86In Memory of David Cameron
87Carl Harrison
88Ian Poole
89Robert Sharpe
90Terry Surridge
91In memory of James Surridge
92Joe Wood
93Brian Flynn
94Allan Gordon
95Phil Howden
96Allison Lewis
97Peter Lewis
98Alistair Badham
99John Coyne
100Emma Coyne
101Isabella Coyne
102Barry Alan Clout
103Laurence Howarth
104Bryan Ford
105James Boyd
106James Warrington
107Anthony Collier
108In memory of David Holden
109Howard Watts
110Jackie Hudson
111David Hudson
112Andrew Leighton
113Angela Stone
114Lee Silvester
115Jackie Hudson
116David Hudson
117Steve Barnes
118Hazel Parker
119Anjan Trivedi
120John Cudlip
121Graham Muir
122Malcolm Riley
123David Baldwin
124The late Tom Baldwin
125John Laidlar
126Alison Barnett
127Richard Hiscock
128Derek Wilshaw
129Ann Wilshaw
130Simon Ellis
131Simon Caine
132Scott Burton
133Timothy Olin
134Allan Kirton
135Martin Glll
136Ray Sant and Jan Steggles
137Geoff Carter
138David Grundy
139Stephen Garratt
140Michael Green
141Andy Brindle
142Michael Jones
143Rachel Wood
144Graham Wood
145Alan Budenberg
146Oliver Needham
147Mark Roberts
148Brian Robinson
149David Jennings
150John Norbury
151Andrew Shaw
152Gordon Jones
153Alan Bonson
154Jackie Gallimore
155Rob Gallimore
156Barry Pond
157Carol Pond
158Ian Southworth
159David Lewis
160Helen Randle
161Peter Foster
162Peter Foster
163Nigel Garner
164L Ashurst
165Peter Higson
166Russell Neil
167Patrick McMorrow
168Malcolm Jackson
169Ashley Mowers
170Andy Wilson
171In memory of Beverley Newton
172James Pochin
173Geoff Magee
174Anthony Taylor
175Alasdair Mackellar
176John Petch
177Matthew Wheeler
178Matt Taylor
179James Benson
180David Nield
181David Whittaker
182Jimmy Wagg
183Tracey Porter
184Andrew Flynn
185Steve O’Connor
186Robert Amstutz
187Paul Hutson
188Phil Rasmussen
189Declan Cavanagh
190Richie Bentley
191Eric Robinson
192Eric Robinson
193Ben Winstanley
194Colin Watkins
195Pete Scotson
196Nic Seller
197Paul Aldridge
198John Wood
199David Parker
200Paul Murray
201Peter Hindmarsh
202Keith Piercy
203Thomas Jacobs
204Phoebe & Hugo Pilkington
205Martin Hamnett
206Marie Hamnett
207Thomas Hamnett
208Jack Hamnett
209Robert Mousalli
210Graeme McLaren
211Ali Bongo
212Pamela Leslie
213Richard Furber
214Dan Whitelegg
215Jon Wall
216Stuart Kilburn
217Roger Holt
218Nicola Combe
219Paul Ogiliev
220Damian Murray
221James Gibb
222Martin Glllet
223Steve Mason
224John Lamey
225Martin Masters
226Mr S Harrison
227Brian Rooney
228Ian Watmore
229John Gill
230Nigel Swinbank
231Bob Peters
232Steve Peters
233Alan Marks
234Mike Jenkinson
235Ian Foden
236Martin Green
237Nigel Bunce
238Andrew Weaver
239Jonathan Robinson
240Anthony George
241Dave Cowburn
242Edward Small
243Dave Potts
244Graeme Elliott
245Les Pearson
246Paul Howe
247Steve Francis
248Michael Longworth
249Colin Allsobrook
250Noel Shield
251Barbara Blaber
252Michael Eakin
253John Henderson
254Peter Clarke
255Barry Pikesley
256John Wadsworth
257Patrick Thomson
258John Hogburn & Erin Carroll
259Neil Dawson
260Kevin Winkley
261Michael Davies
262Gary Hardy
263Ted Hardy
264Neil Walker
265Gareth Thomas
266Dan Maudsley
267David Peek
268Thomas Birt
269Diane Walton
270Michael Leighton
271Emmanuel Serrano
272Si Toft