The Patrons' Scheme


As the dust settles on another eventful, enthralling season for Altrincham, the memories are virtually all positive, even if the most recent one is tinged with a modicum of regret at what might have been.

We were so close to going up, so agonisingly, tantalisingly close to what would have been a truly remarkable second successive promotion after coming within eight minutes of eliminating Chorley and marching into the play-off final before being pegged back by an equaliser and then pipped on penalties.

It was drama all the way, and while the heroics may have ended in heartbreak, it surely makes the coming weeks and months all the more intriguing for Alty followers, as manager Phil Parkinson turns his thoughts to bolstering his squad for a tilt at going one better next season.

Phil will assess where he wants to strengthen and identify the targets he feels can do it, and the board will do their utmost to finance his plans. That's the time-honoured close-season procedure for clubs up and down the country, but it's a little different at The J.Davidson Stadium.

Signings will be made by Phil, and funds will be provided by the board, but we are taking the process a significant stage further by inviting supporters to play a part in shaping the manager's strategy by making their own contribution directly into his playing budget.

It's an exciting opportunity for fan power to help drive what will hopefully be another concerted push for promotion, and it's available to each and every Alty supporter, who need only subscribe to the club's Patrons Scheme to personally enhance Phil's spending power.

It really is that simple. Join the Patrons Scheme, and the club will ensure every last penny of the £50 it costs will go into the playing budget.

There are plenty of benefits for signing up, not least a name check in every Robins Review match programme and free entry into a draw for hospitality packages, but the real reward has to be the knowledge you have personally improved the chances of Phil and his assistant Neil Sorvel bringing the players they want to the club.

Alty's board made a big commitment to Phil and Neil in the 2018/19 season to ensure they would be armed with a competitive playing budget, and they duly produced the goods by capping a fantastic season with two epic play-off encounters with Blyth Spartans and Chorley.

With thoughts now turning to next season, and a shared desire to keep moving forward, it has been decided all proceeds from the Patrons Scheme will go directly on the squad to boost the playing budget for Phil and Neil.

It is hoped as many supporters as possible will either renew or join the Patrons' Scheme for next season, which will be the 15th season that it has run.

For the cost of £50, your name will appear throughout the coming season in the matchday programme and on the new website as a Patron of Altrincham Football Club, as well as under the players' picture in the Manchester Glass Sponsors Lounge.

In addition, at the start of the season, every member will be entered into a prize draw, and this season we hope to award 10 hospitality packages for four supporters each to attend a nominated game as sponsors.

If you are interested in becoming a Patron for next season, please forward a cheque, payable to Altrincham Football Club, for £50. Alternatively, you can pay by card by phoning the office (0161 928-1045). If you require any further information please do not hesitate to enquire by e-mail.

Thank you once again for your support – it’s very much appreciated.

And a big thank you to the following people who have already joined the Scheme for the forthcoming season:

Here are your Patrons for the 2019-2020 season!

  1. Gary Stubbs
  2. Paul Brady
  3. In memory of David Cameron
  4. David Goodrum
  5. Peter Baker
  6. In memory of Jacqui Forster
  7. Derek Wilshaw
  8. Ann Wilshaw
  9. Johnathan Wall
  10. Joseph wall
  11. James Wall
  12. Charlie Carr
  13. BBC Radio 5 Live
  14. Karen Owens
  15. Alan Cooper
  16. Gail Cooper
  17. Patrick J McMorrow
  18. Gordon Davies
  19. Bryan Ford
  20. Peter Foster
  21. Judy Foster
  22. David Baldwin
  23. In memory of Tom Baldwin
  24. Paul Daine
  25. John Skelhorn
  26. Ian Southworth
  27. Richard Impey
  28. Neil Faulkner
  29. Hazel Faulkner
  30. Anthony Faulkner
  31. Richard Faulkner
  32. Darren Faulkner
  33. Nick Gianferrari
  34. Dave Fishwick
  35. Barry Pond
  36. Carol Pond
  37. Richie bentley Catering
  38. Rob Esteva
  39. Terry Surridge
  40. James Surridge
  41. Colin Allsobrook
  42. Mark Alton
  43. Robert Sharp
  44. David Walton
  45. Nigel Davies
  46. May Davies
  47. Ian Watmore
  48. Alan Blinkhorn
  49. E.R Amstutz
  50. John Laidlar
  51. Dana Laidlar
  52. John Woodfield
  53. David Slack
  54. Alan Ford
  55. Diane Swindells
  56. Steve Murray
  57. Phil & Gill James
  58. Peter Higson
  59. Ben Minogue
  60. Ian Lord
  61. Premex Services Limited
  62. Gary Molyneux
  63. Andrew Timms
  64. Celia Hodgkinson
  65. Roger Wade
  66. Dave Hudson
  67. Jackie Hudson
  68. Paul Salt
  69. Geoffrey Price
  70. Nigel Bunce
  71. Phil Green
  72. David Lewis
  73. Helen Randle
  74. Barry Rogerson
  75. Mark Rogerson
  76. Campbell McLay
  77. Jacqueline McLay
  78. In Memory or Derek Kennerley
  79. Martin Hamnett
  80. Marie Hamnett
  81. Tom Hamnett
  82. Jack Hamnett
  83. Mike & Tricia Davies
  84. Matthew Wheeler
  85. Bob Allan
  86. Claire Allan
  87. David Meadows
  88. Alan Murray
  89. Thomas Murray
  90. Katie Murray
  91. Alison Pennycook
  92. Alan Pennycook
  93. Alasder Costello
  94. Isla Costello
  95. Oscar Pennycook
  96. Alan Bonson
  97. Dr Nigel Lord
  98. Alexander Walton
  99. Ashton-on-Mersey Supporters
  100. Eddy Bishop
  101. Simon Rose
  102. Chris Brown
  103. Martin Gillet
  104. Hazel Parker 
  105. Anjan Trivedi
  106. Robert Rooney
  107. Mark Embury
  108. Phil Taylor
  109. Darren Jordan
  110. Graham & Robert Muir
  111. Thomas Birt & Diane Walton
  112. David Potts
  113. Steven (Alty FC LGBT Officer)
  114. Pete Rodgers
  115. Terry Caine
  116. Alan Marks
  117. Les Pearson
  118. Tim, Oliver & Jacob Ritchie
  119. David Acton
  120. John Lamey
  121. Nic Seller
  122. Anthony Taylor
  123. Russell Neil
  124. Arnold Rogerson
  125. Allan Gordon
  126. Bob Jones
  127. The MacKellars
  128. Grahame Rowley
  129. Karen Rowley
  130. Chris Rowley
  131. Alison Frowen
  132. Dan Jones
  133. Sarah Rowley-Jones
  134. Penny Rowley
  135. Daisy Rowley
  136. Chloe Rowley-Jones
  137. Joshua Rowley- Jones
  138. Tilly Frowen
  139. SK Kits
  140. Les Roberts
  141. Chris Morfitt
  142. Harold Smith
  143. Jackie Gallimore
  144. Ron Gallimore
  145. Ashley Mowers
  146. John Norbury
  147. Angela Stone
  148. Chris & Joan Pringle
  149. Kevin Sherlock
  150. Alison Barnett
  151. Cairon O’Neill
  152. David Grundy
  153. Jimmy Wagg
  154. Tracey Porter
  155. Pete Scotson
  156. Neil Walker
  157. Peter & Allison Lewis
  158. Samm Lewis
  159. Ray Whitelegg
  160. The Buchan family
  161. Dave Johnson
  162. Neil Dummigan
  163. Brian/Daniel/Louise & Rose Rooney
  164. Ian Foden
  165. Simon Caine
  166. Nigel Bunce
  167. Oliver & Lewis Needham
  168. Direct Adhesives
  169. Eva-Tec Limited
  170. Olivia & Chloe McDonald
  171. Albert Mackey
  172. Paul Varty
  173. D.English Racing
  174. Annie & Noah Kicks
  175. Celine & Andrew Kicks
  176. Brian Robinson
  177. Martin Green
  178. The Chuckle Brothers
  179. Martin Doran
  180. Andy Barclay-watts
  181. Bill Morris
  182. Fran Morris
  183. Neil Dawson
  184. Eric Robnson
  185. Joanne Evans
  186. Bob Peters
  187. John Cudlip
  188. Brian Flynn
  189. Niall Flynn
  190. George Heslop
  191. Mike Adams
  192. Stuart Ritchie
  193. Mark Harris
  194. Andrea Harris
  195. Daniel Feldman