28 Mar 2020 by Bill Waterson

Alty fans drive fundraiser to new heights!


The job of thanking our fans for their support is one I will never tire of, and at this time you are all making me more and more proud to be associated with Altrincham Football Club and to count myself as one of your number.  Our request for funds, only one week ago has seen an absolutely magnificent response from you all.  The fund has just surged past £9000 after only having been set up 7 days ago.  The board are frankly blown away by your response  - cementing you reputation as the best fans in the business.

There are some stories among the donations that are worth bringing to your attention.

Anthony Taylor, Premier League referee, is often greeted with “how can he referee this game?” when he officiates a match with one of the bigger Manchester clubs involved.  The answer is clear – he is an Alty fan.  The proof, should it be needed, is that he contributed to the fund.  Thank you Anthony for your continued and  visible support.

Many of the players and staff have stepped forward and contributed, following the lead of the inspirational Shaun Densmore. Phil Parkinson prides himself on building a tight squad – we have seen clear evidence of that over the last few days.  We were quick to reassure the players that we would honour their contracts, and pay them in full for this season.  We know loyalty works both ways and they have been magnificent for us again this season.

And a special mention for Erinbeau Carroll, a young lady who through her mother has donated her pocket money of £20 to the club she loves.  To her comment of “we love our family club” we respond in kind with “we love all the Alty family”. Erinbeau, we love the gesture you have made and you'll be invited to the Director's Box for a behind the scenes experience when football eventually returns!

We asked for our fans to sign up to Alty Rewards, donating a monthly amount to the club, and we have had a solid take up here as well with around £200 per month extra now coming into the clubs coffers as a result.  There have also been a few donations directly to the club from our non digital supporters.  

In more good news, we expect to announce that one of our major sponsors is renewing their support for another season, a massive help in planning for the next 12 months, whatever they may bring.

We would like to thank all of you for your continued support and we cannot stress how much of a difference your contributions are making at this time.  The board will persevere with our task of moving this club forward and with the short term ambition to re-establish ourselves in the National League’s top division.

In the meantime however, we urge all of you to stay safe and stay well and here’s hoping at some point in the not too distant future we are all gathered again at The J.Davidson Stadium where we will celebrate the Alty family reunion.

If you wish to donate, but haven't yet had the chance, you can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/alty-fc-donation

And if you would like to sign up to Alty Rewards the link is here:

And last but not least, Rob Esteva was talking all things Alty and about our fundraising efforts on Talksport this morning. You can listen to the clip here from the 20-minute mark.


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