28 Apr 2020 by John Edwards

Band Aid!!


The next item is an Altrincham FC first-team jersey dating back a dozen years or so, worn by Peter Band and autographed by the entire squad.

Who will open the bidding? £30 anyone? Thank you, sir, we have £30. Do I hear £40? Thank you, £40. 50, 55, do I hear 60? £60 for this fine Altrincham shirt, worn with distinction by one of the most wholehearted players of his era?

No? Then I’m selling at £55. Going once, going twice (raises gavel), sol.. £60! In the nick of time, sir! The item is yours - name, please? Many thanks, Mr.Band!

Yes, the auction run by Ian Senior to raise funds for the club took an unusual but hugely gratifying turn this week when versatile and ever-dependable defender Peter Band won the bidding for a shirt he wore in first-team action for the Robins over a decade ago.

When the prized piece of merchandise, packed with autographs on the front and name and squad number on the back, was first presented for auction, Peter - fondly known as Bandy by all and sundry - wasted no time registering his interest in securing it as a valued souvenir of his Moss Lane days.

The fact that he opened the bidding, lodged another at the halfway point and stormed in with a last-minute winner says everything about the high regard and lasting affection so many players have for the club, even after they have left.

Cheers Bandy, for that £60, and thanks also to SKkits owner Ian for organising an auction that has generated welcome funds for the club and is continuing to do so. We intend to publish a full list of items, recipients and amounts when the auction finally ends.


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