20 Jan 2022 by John Edwards

Be a considerate parker - plea from Alty on behalf of local residents


Bus, train, car or on foot - those are pretty much the choices for making your way to The J.Davidson Stadium when Altrincham are at home.

For those favouring the car option, the main problem is one that will be familiar to anyone attending a busy venue in a fairly built-up area - where do you park?

The club sympathises but urges you to show care and consideration for local residents when scouring the streets near the ground in search of an available space.

Most supporters do, but the club's office has unfortunately been on the receiving end of several recent complaints from unhappy neighbours, outlining instances of private parking spaces being taken or even driveways being blocked.

So, we would ask you, please, to respect the right of nearby residents to have clear access to their property. Maybe set off a little earlier to allow more time for finding a suitable space. It would be greatly appreciated.

Our neighbours will be advised to contact the police directly, should they be inconvenienced by any further illegal parking, and that may lead to the offending vehicle being removed.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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