26 May 2020 by John Edwards

Become an Alty Patron for the 2020/21 season now!


No organisation can get by without their patrons, and Altrincham Football Club are no different.

People who offer financial or other support - the dictionary definition of the word - are an essential element of any successful venture, and that maxim is held dear at The J.Davidson Stadium more than most places.

It is why, when the club sought ways to keep income levels on an even keel during the fallow months of summer, thoughts turned to involving an ever-supportive fan base in an initiative that would bring rewards in return for financial backing.

Hence, the Patrons Scheme came into being, and what a success it has been since its launch in 2005/06, providing a steady stream of funds to help tide the club over between the end of one season and start of the next.

It’s an arrangement that suits and benefits all concerned, with each £50 joining fee giving the club some breathing space in the off-peak summer months and the various incentives providing participants with value for their contributions, as well as a sense of satisfaction at helping make ends meet.

The appeal of being able to call yourself a patron of Altrincham FC shows no sign of wearing off, either. Details of the scheme for 2020-21 were only released at the start of this month, yet there are already around 145 Alty supporters who have boldly cast aside the current mood of uncertainty by pledging their £50.

In return for their invaluable backing, they will have their own slot in the Robins Review match programme throughout the coming campaign and be entered into various draws for prizes such as hospitality packages.

We never tire of lining up our Patrons and giving them a public pat on the back, as we do here, below, and in every matchday programme, when each and every one of them gets an honourable mention.

It is recognition that is richly deserved, and, needless to say, we always have room for more. If you feel you would like to call yourself a Patron of Altrincham FC - and make a direct contribution to next season’s playing budget in the process, because that’s where your money will go - have a look at what’s on offer by clicking here!

Our 2020/21 Patrons are:

1Robert Amstutz
2Geoffrey Wood
3Geoff Magee
4Colin Allsobrook
5Rob Esteva
6In memory of David Cameron
7John 'Logie' Petch
8Nigel Davis
9May Davis
10Mike Conboy & Family
11Phil & Gill James
12Barry Alan Clout
13Ted Small
14Brian Melling/mortgage2move
15Patrick J McMorrow
16Alan Ford
17Gary Molyneux
18Alexander Walton
19Nigel Garner
20John Cudlip
21Phil Green
22Paul Gilbert
23Sean Cobbledick
24Graeme Elliott
25Paul Spencer
26Paul Brady
27Darren Jordan
28Ian Poole
29Matt, Missy & Mason Renninger
30In memory of Derek Kennerley
31Trafford Veterans
32Paul Steeples
33Andrew Flynn
34Simon Ellis
35Howard Watts
36Ian Lord
37Derek Dooley
38Ron Gallimore
39Jackie Gallimore
40Campbell McLay
41Jacqueline McLay
42Brian Birtles
43Terry Surridge
44In Memory Of James Surridge
45Joe Wood
46Team Manchester WLC
47Mark Alton
48Craig Chaplin
49David Frain
50Brian Robinson
51Jon Rouse
52Matthew Wheeler
53SK Kits
54Paul Daine
55Arnold Rogerson
56David Meadows
57David Walton
58Stuart Ritchie
59David Slack
60Mark Embury
61Pete Baker
62In Memory of Jacqui Forster
63Jimmy Wagg
64Tracey Porter
65Alan Murray
66Thomas Murray
67Katie Murray
68Richard Impey
69Robert Sharpe
70John Laidlar
71Dana Laidlar
72Dr Nigel Lord
73Daren Birtles
74Harold Smith
75Ian Watmore
76John Coyne
77Emma Coyne
78Isabella Coyne
79Paul Salt
80Andrew Timms
81Bob Allan
82Clare Allan
83Nic Seller
84Dave Potts
85Mrs N Potts
86Steve Peters
87Bob Peters
88Derek Wilshaw
89Ann Wilshaw
90Neil Faulkner
91Hazel Faulkner
92Anthony Faulkner
93Darren Faulkner
94Richard Faulkner
95Peter Higson
96Premix Services Ltd
97Joanne Higson
98Alan Marks
99Dave Goodrum
100Ian Gordon
101Allison & Peter Lewis
102The Rowley Family
103Ian Rosendaal
104Nigel Bunce
105Martin Gillet
106Simon Caine
107Richie Bentley Catering
108Barry Pond
109Carol Pond
110Angela Stone
111Allan Gordon
112Bill Egan
113David Grundy
114Bryan Ford
115Rog Holt
116John Lamey
117Paul Aldridge
118Ali Bongo
119Nikki Combe
120Helen Dunn
121Mark Eckersall
122Richard Furber
123David Gale
124James Gibb
125Chris Haddon
126Peter Hindmarsh
127Roger Holt
128Laurence Howarth
129Thomas Jacobs
130Stuart Kilburn
131Lawrence Looney
132Steve Mason
133Graeme McLaren
134Anita Mottershead
135Paul Murray
136Russell Neil
137Paul Ogilev
138David Parker
139Keith Piercy
140Rob Prastka
141Mark Rogerson
142Peter Scotson
143Jon Wall
144Bill Waterson
145Dan Whitelegg
146John Gill
147Ian Foden
148Mark Bennett
149In memory of Martin Jordan
150Vincent Sweeney
151John Henderson
152Alan Bonson
153Anthony Taylor
154John Woodfield


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