15 Jun 2021 by John Edwards

One last push: Pitch In and get your kid seen by the Alty coaches


Altrincham FC director Chris Parry writes:

Since the day she was born, you just knew your little one was destined for greatness. There she was at four, belting the ball past you at the park. At seven, she was deking you out of your boots after training. At 13, she makes the lads blush as she blasts by them and lobs the keeper. 

She's a champ in the making. And it's time the Alty coaches knew about it. 

Thankfully for you, the Alty 'Pitch in' fundraiser campaign is having one last push in an effort to hit 100% of our fundraising goals for the luxurious green carpet currently being installed at The J.Davidson Stadium, and one of the perks we're offering is the chance for your kid to have a training session with the same coaches the Alty first team learn their trade under. 

Dates and times are being finalized as Covid restrictions ease, but the intention is to ensure your child receives elite-level training with the best coaches in our system, a chance to show what they can do with the ball and an Alty 'Pitch In' t-shirt with our Fat Robin logo. 

We'll also give your champ-in-the-making a free ticket to an Alty game, courtesy of our Alty4Kids programme earlier in the year. 

The session will be open to kids aged 7-16, any position and any skill level. Whether your sprite is the next Joel Senior, the next Ronaldo, or the next, well... me, we're planning to make sure their training session will be a fun and memorable experience, and help them on their path to glory. 

We're asking for a £50 donation to take a spot in the programme, with all the money raised going to pay down the new pitch.  

At the time of writing, we're 84% of the way to our total target, and we are offering a wide array of other perks for donors, including a spot in our Alty time capsule, the hot-selling 'Pitch In' mug, a signed print of the '350+ club' poster, featuring comic book art of our superheroes Dens, Jake Moult and Simon Richman, the chance to sponsor a square of the new pitch and even be a 'Director for a Day.' 

To see all the options available, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pitch-in-for-altrincham-fc-s-new-playing-surface/ 


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