25 Feb 2021 by Brian Flynn

YouTube Premiere at 8pm Tonight: Questions & Answers with the Board


Tonight at 8pm there will be a Questions & Answers Session with 3 members of the Altrincham FC Board.

Rob Esteva, Lawrence Looney & Bill Waterson will answer the questions posed by 13 Altrincham fans & you can access the YouTube Premiere below at 8pm:-

The YouTube chatroom will be available during the Premiere which lasts about 45 minutes.

Here are the questions submitted for your perusal ahead of tonight's broadcast:-

Gareth Mitchell

Hi Bill and Lawrence

May I first commend you on the excellent work being done by the Board both before and during the pandemic both in terms of providing Phil Parkinson with the funds needed to strengthen the squad, the considerable strengthening of the Board and the other initiatives the club has introduced like the streaming of the live games and the patron scheme.

I am first and foremost a season ticket holder for 25 years at Manchester United but I watch Alty as and when United aren`t at home and the Robins are.

I am lucky enough to already have seen 2 of my 3 footballing dreams which was to see United win the Champions League and the league but I would like to complete the set by seeing Alty play league football.

In this respect my question is how long would it be till Alty go full-time because obviously at conference national level you are playing against full time teams who subsequently have more opportunity to train, rest and prepare for matchdays both in terms of playing games and preparing for games in terms of travel and accommodation?

Erin-Beau Carroll

With the league being played behind closed doors and the future of the season being undecided as of yet are you still working to become a full time team or have priorities changed due to recent events?

Glyn Vayro

Are we planning on going full time and if so what's the time scale?

Jack Jolly

After a very successful first 4 years of the 5-year plan, achieving Conference Football in season 4 of 5, will there be a 2nd plan released? And if not, when do the board feel a realistic time frame achieving football league status?

Christopher Whitelegge

Looking ahead for the future and the excellent team work this year is there chance in say 5 to 10 years that Altrincham FC Be A Full Time Professional Team And In Leauge Two Or Is This To Soon To Say. The Team And Mangement Defiently Got Petional Now To Get There. Alao Such An Amazing Team Superb Manager Phil Parkinson Who Defiently Strengthend The Team Glad To Support A Fantasic Football Club.


It is now known that seven clubs voted to close the league down,the implication being lack of finance as the problem. Isn't it likely that they will furlough their players and put together some sort of 'team' in order to avoid penalties for not playing?

What influence would/will this have on the integrity of the season's outcomes should it occur?

What are the views on the management of the league?

Phil Taylor

Like everyone else I am delighted by how the first team season is progressing.

I appreciate also that the first team has to be the primary focus of the Board.

Can I however please enquire as to what the Clubs position is re development?

The Academy has been very well publicised although this seems only to refer to male 'elite' players.

As you will be aware The FA are very supportive of Women's football development and interest continues to grow in female football.

Preamble over my question is what plans the Club has for Female (Adult, Junior and Social) Junior and Youth, Non Elite Football and football for those differently able.

Phil Barry

Please could you let me know what cash amount has been introduced to the club by the recent transfer of some 102,000 shares out of Treasury, to our new directors, both uk and Canada based?

Andy Colbridge

Hi, how far off is the club from going full time

Bill Egan

    I realize that I am submitting my question late (which is really multiple questions).

    Firstly I would like to thank Altrincham FC (Board, Staff, Squad and volunteers) for the approach that has been taken to this most difficult of seasons, the continued positive effort to drive the club forward is greatly appreciated.

    Thinking about Dover's recent move, furloughing staff, opening up the possibility for other teams to not fulfil fixtures or playing a scratch team without penalty of relegation.

    How will Altrincham FC approach the remainder of the season?

    Does this present an opportunity to develop youth players, rotate the squad and experiment?

    Does this impact year one targets within national league?

    Finally with talk of legal action from North South clubs, does this undermine the league as an elite feeder to the EFL?


    I was pleased to see my previous communication on popular side facilities published on the web site some years ago and for the tannoy system and gantry obscuring spectator view improved. However, the popular side toilets and tea facilities have never been replaced on this side of the ground since their demolition many years ago - will these be incorporated into the new fan zone?

    It's a pleasure to see that pitch drainage is being again considered. Can we be assured that the drains will now be connected out of the ground into the mains system and not simply flooded onto the Golf Road end causing puddles on the walkways as in the past?

    PS great improvement to the club on and off the pitch this year in trying times.

    Simon Ellis

      A number of seasons ago we had to pay to determine if the ground would suffice for promotion to league 2. I think it was a requirement if possibly playing in the playoffs. Hugely optimistic I know, but is this still a requirement? Are we planning on doing so? What does the board think are the immediate works (aside from the pitch) that may be required. Many thanks

      Jamie Newhall

        What do the board say to the suggestion that switching home games away from our spiritual home Moss Lane is not only unethical but also damaging to the integrity of the league considering we have played more games than any other time and did not even attempt to schedule the Boreham Wood fixture. Taking advantage of a pandemic in an attempt to gain a perceived playing advantage is shameful

        However this has clearly backfired instead totally derailing our season and in the process destroying our play off chances

        This is very regrettable as great progress had been made by the new board however this must surely rank as one of the worst decisions by any Altrincham FC board ever. Furthermore does the board accept how unhappy many supporters actually are with this decision and how much confidence has been lost as a result?

        Many of us hold Moss Lane as sacred but that has been compromised tossed away as worthless in the pursuit of a nice placing surface


          The recent news about the 2020/21 season is very sad but if it enables clubs to survive financial disaster then it has to be a good thing for all of us.

          During this season we have benefitted from the co-operation of some clubs within the National League, do we have any thoughts or plans to offer support to other clubs as and when it might be appropriate?


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